S01E01: The Murder of Sherlock Holmes

S01E01 trench and bike

Welcome to the beginning of a 12 season fashion-filled odyssey and ode to one of TV’s best female characters, Jessica Beatrice Fletcher. What better image to begin the journey: elegantly casual, classic JB.

S01E01 Hipster

Before the series has even started to roll, we see Jessica enjoying a brisk walk in Cabot Cove with this plaid / toque / scarf situation. She makes everyone under 30 look like a cheap dime store hipster for even trying to wear plaid.

S01E01 Phil

In the pilot episode, we learn that Jessica has recently become a published author, and that her first book is outrageously popular. This is JB getting the call: SHE’S GOING TO BE ON DONAHUE.

S01E01 Candy cane

You can’t wear just anything for Phil.

S01E01 Jessica Jogging 1

The first episode is also the first of many times we see Jessica jogging. Fitness is fashionable.

S01E01 purse

One of Jessica’s best fashion traits is that she has simple, classic, beautiful pieces. If you were able to find a bag this amazing today, it would probably cost the same as an iPad.

S01E01 Shade

Jessica is the world’s sweetest lady, but you know she can throw some shade. And you know she does it in pearls and THIS SCARF. This is what happened when an interviewer asked her a stupid question (not Donahue, obviously).

S01E01 Princess 1

Later in the episode, Jessica is invited to a costume party. She goes as her spirit animal, Glinda the Good Witch from the land of Oz.

S01E01 Princess 2


S01E01 better with glasses

Back to reality–there is a case to solve. This image reminds us that everything looks better with glasses.

S01E01 Jessica Jogging

Since this is a two-part episode, we get to see Jessica jogging twice. Good for her.

S01E01 Trench at pool

In conclusion, JB, poolside in a Burberry trench. This amazing jacket sees her through multiple episodes and it’s a welcome sight every time. Especially when she pops the collar.